Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Travel back in time!

A History of the VikingsTravel to the time of the Vikings 
Men has always had a need to communicate through paintings and carvings and texts. In Norrköping, Sweden are a lot of rock carvings for anybody to see. The most important Rock-Carving site in Norrköping is Himmelstalund, which has the largest amount - 1660 - of figure carvings of the North. I actually live very close to these rock carvings. Can almost see the place from my living room window!
These well preserved carvings are 3000 years old! That is from the Bronze age!

There is another fantastic ancient thing in Sweden - The Runestones
Runestones are "letters" carved in stone and erected. They tell a story about an event or a person. Read the site and look at the translations.

Sweden, Ramsundsberget: the Sigurd Rock Carving, Where Sigurd Kills the Dragon Artists Photographic Poster Print by Brimberg & Coulson , 24x32Bronze Age Rock Carvings, Fossum Near Tanumshede, Gotaland, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe Photographic Poster Print by Gavin Hellier, 18x24

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