Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Canary islands

Outside the north west coast of Africa is an archipelago of islands named The Canary islands. They are Seven and have their own government and custom laws. The islands belong to Spain but are very independent with separate laws and rules.

I have lived on one of these islands and visited four. My island in the sun was Fuerteventura. Read about the island here: Fuerteventura in my heart
One very popular Music Cafe is Pieros Cafe. Here you find entertainment for the whole family!

The largest island is Tenerife. Up in the north city Santa Cruz is one of the most fantastic shopping area I have ever seen. Everything you want and more. Many shops are personal and specialized on their thing. Strong Recommendation to see!

Another island is La Gomera. It is called the green island. If you compare with Fuerteventura, the difference is really big. La Gomera has preserved a special language for centuries. It is a whistle between the mountains and valleys. I have posted some videos here so you can listen: La Gomera and Silbo gomero

The History of the Discovery and Conquest of the Canary Islands: Translated from a Spanish Manuscript, Lately Found in the Island of Palma. With an Enquiry ... of the Ancient Inhabitants by George Glas

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